Join us ANY Tues, Wed & Fri from 9AM-1PM and stay for lunch!

We are often here Tues & Fri afternoons, and on weekends and love visitors.  Text 570-762-2872 or email clovevalleycsa@gmail.com to arrange a good time!  (or stop by and take your chances, we may be out swimming or running errands)

We invite ANYONE to come join us for weekly work sessions, all ages and abilities welcomed.  Come by at any time during the hours below and we’ll be happy to engage you in whatever fun and educational projects we are working on.  Stay for a meal or a jump in the creek!  It’s true what they say: the more the merrier, and many hands make light work!


Many Hands Make Light Work!


Let’s create the kind of community we want to live in… one where we all help each other out and are integral parts of each others’ lives.


Friend us on Facebook: Clove Valley Csa or email clovevalleycsa@gmail.com to join the list


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