The Land

Clove Valley CSA is located on a beautiful 36 acre piece of land at 81 Clove Valley Road in High Falls right on the Mohonk Preserve.  The Coxing Kill runs through the land, providing water for the gardens, and sweet spots to swim and explore.

The land was once a dairy farm, and is now owned by Toby Stover who generously offers the use of her land for the CSA and also Wild Earth programs.

The farm has been historically named Outback Farm, for the rock-climbing spot on the ridge just behind the property.  So.. the farm is officially named “Clove Valley CSA at Outback Farm.”

View of the South Garden and The Outback

Toby’s House and last season’s Leeks!

Clove Valley CSA was started 5 years ago by Kevin Skvorak and Sarah Williford as Regeneration CSA, a permaculture-style, community-oriented, educational farm.

Sarah bringing in the harvest:)

In 2010, Sarah co-managed the gardens with Aileah Kvashay, and this year Kevin and Sarah have left the farm in search of their next farming adventure!  They left a legacy of many beautiful no-till gardening beds, and much more.

In 2011 Aileah took the reigns as farm manager of Clove Valley CSA, and Ustya Tarnawsky began managing the herb & flower gardens and started her business “Medicine Gardens.”

Aileah and Ustya right after planting peas:)

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