Who are we?

Much more than a vegetable farm!

We are:

  • A community of people learning to live in harmony with each other and the land.
  • A learning center- educating interns, volunteers, students, etc on how to grow food and                                                                        medicine & live with a small footprint.
  • A plant nursery
  • A cut flower & herbal product business.  http://www.ustya.net/medicinegardens.html
  • Home to potter Greg & baker Doug & builder Dave & puppeteer Gary & dancer/healer Carol

Located at 81 Clove Valley Rd in High Falls, NY.  The land  is owned by Toby Stover, and the vegetable-growing operation is run by Aileah Kvashay (since 2010)

Contact us at 570-762-2872 or clovevalleycsa@gmail.com

81 Clove Valley Rd / High Falls, NY 12440


1 Response to Who are we?

  1. Hi good people of clove valley.
    Im a musician/student/lover of life at NYU in the city, and I was looking to go volunteer and work on a farm/community in upstate New York over winter break.
    I came across your community and it looks like an amazing place to learn about the art of organic farming and the processes involved, and to be part of a larger community in which i can come in contact with the important things in life.
    If you would be willing to welcome me into your farm, I would be very appreciative. Im a hard worker, and went wwoofing in Italy this last summer, so I have some farming experience.
    I was planing on being there sometime before christmas, and staying for two or three weeks. Im willing to lend my services and work with whatever you guys need help with.
    Ive never experienced a winter-y christmas, and Ive always really wanted to.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you!
    – Alan

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