Calling Community for 2016 & beyond


Seeking Partner and Apprentices for 2016

Partner or Assistant Grower: opportunity for one fun-loving person with entrepreneurial spirit, who is self-motivated and motivating.   You’ll work with me and a variety of people, and participate in all aspects of the vegetable business and in hosting community events. Interest in long-term collaboration and co-ownership is a plus, but not a deal-breaker : ) Compensation is negotiable, anywhere from 50% of profit to monthly stipend depending on experience & interests. You will be provided with a beautiful bedroom, and food. Min April-Oct, *only 3 ½ Days per week, Mon1/2, Tues, Wed& Fri *

Apprenticeships:  Inviting a wide variety of folk to come join the crew and participate in the farm and community for any length of time.  One month or more preferred.   3.5 days per week in exchange for a home, food, family, and education.

Want to Co-Create a Cooperative Farm?

Seeking collaborators and future partners to buy additional land, build and share community with.   Share your long-term vision with me! Come visit my current farm, Clove Valley CSA, and let’s talk : )   Calling passionate & energetic people to co-create a multi-generational farm village in the Hudson Valley.

I’m envisioning a group of 3-6 owners/managers with our own homes, a number of cabins and outbuildings, a communal kitchen and event space, and of course lots of gardens! I can imagine forming multiple economically viable businesses with some autonomy, while collaborating on marketing, labor, infrastructure, overhead, and at least one joint enterprise.

Together is better!

Contact Aileah text 570-762-2872


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